Ruby Tuesday on Monday

Sometimes I feel closer to my dad than on other days. Today is one of those: to think how much is achieved by humans, millions of us, every day, generation after generation, while everybody is pretty much working only as an individual, by him or herself … of course this is not really true, but most of the time (even as leaders of state, teachers, parents or the like) we are on our own, working by ourselves. It’s more than a beehive, it’s a bee-ing…

On the more mundane issues: found my way thru FunnelWeb, which is very enjoyable, since I like to document continously when I program. Also, found Ruby, I think it’s love at first sight. Spent last night with SQL – perhaps it’s also the FROG on the cover of the O’Reilly book that attracts me … motivation must come from anywhere.

Going on to the next lectures in DB and BPM today. The author of a recent book on UML Christoph Kecher, was nice enough to let me have the diagrams for free use in my teaching.


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