First Blog (Blogger)

First Blog.
So there. First Blog, second attempt. For my first attempt, I had chosen “astrochicken”, which had already been taken by a daring Bangalore programmer.

Also for the first time in 10 years on the MOO again – hence the title of my blog. I used to spend days on D[iversity]U[niversity] MOO in the old days … heck, I even convinced a VERY LARGE CONSULTING FIRM to transfer some of their bootcamp courses on an experimental MOO. The server then stood in my London flat, also long gone. DU MOO seems to have gone off-line. There are a lot of interesting documents still available on the Lost Library of MOO.

I even found an operating MOO, DA MOO ( – loads a Java Applet which works as a simple client to enter the MOO). When I connected, I typed “@who” to find out who was online. There was one character, “Einstein_guest”. After paging him twice, smiling and waving, I realised that I was talking to myself … A Sci-Fi classic. Omega-Man all over again. In the Library, I finally found someone else:

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